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Are You Cyber Secure?

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Posted on 04 May 2018 in Help & advice

The War is on. The cyber-crime landscape is constantly changing. Have you got what it takes?

Hacking, attacking, infecting… However you phrase it, cyber security is a hot topic for any business. Some recent industry surveys found that 13% of business owners had admitted to having been damaged by viruses over the last 12 months, costing those infected organisations something in the region of £10,000 in time, resources and money to manage the various incidents.

This link to the FCA site shows you what companies have been fined and by what amount

Unwittingly in some circumstances employees have been found to be responsible for infecting an organisations’ computing systems, which is unsurprising given the amount of personal devices that we use each day. Newman Managing Director Andrew Deadman stated “It is vital that organisations are aware of cyber security, recognise the risks and some of the tactics used by the attackers. Many of our clients have to ensure strict compliance in the ever tighter confines of regulatory environment. Ensuring systems are resilient against increasingly sophisticated attackers by using enhanced encryption, secure connectivity and network level monitoring are essential for protecting todays’ businesses.”

So, how do we combat this?

5 tips to going system and cyber stress free:

  1. Converting to Managed Services can not only reduce costs, it can help to optimise existing IT resources as well as provide ‘peace of mind’ that your business IT infrastructure is secure in the hands of the experts.
  2. Clear, robust Internal IT policies that all employees are on board with.  Tighter password protection and regular changing of passwords.
  3. Better control of USB keys being used on the network.
  4. Implementing internal security measures across all IT systems and equipment such as Multi Functional Printers (MFP’s), with the use of; Password controlled access, secure network interface, and IP/MAC address filtering defend against the most determined attacks.  Password protected PDF’s, Hidden print patterns and confidential PIN printing that requires users to be at MFP’s before print runs start.  Document control functions can prevent unauthorised copying, scanning and filing of confidential documents. The MFP’s also have in built security features that include automatic encryption and secure erasure of data on the hard disk, either automatically or on demand.
  5. Enabling ‘one button’ scanning that protects the email address documents are sent to, and disables the ability for documents to be sent to alternate or unauthorised address’s outside of the business. Accuread Automate can automatically route documents throughout your business and apply (if necessary) an enforced naming convention on standard business based documentation within the company. The net result of this is a simplified administrative process and a reduction in human data input errors.

For further information or to discuss your data security measures call one of our team on 01892 664155 or email

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