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Posted on 27 October 2020 in Help & advice

Bring your new remote working plans to life.

How do businesses continue to deliver seamless communications between customers and staff whilst working from home? It has been incredibly successful for some and a day-to-day challenge for others.

Remote workers have suffered from poor mobile signals and often struggled to uphold continuity when transferring calls to an extention. Maintaining a strong, consistent home broadband connection has been the top priority for more remote workers.

However, this proves well for a laptop, but what about using the same connection for your existing office phone? Since over 90% of UK households use either Virgin, Sky, BT or Talk Talk to supply their broadband, it's likely they're faced with SIP ALG preventing VOIP traffic through the connection.

Here's why an Ericsson-LG iPECS Solution can help your business win at home

All IP handsets from the iPECS range including the new 1000i series uses a proprietary protocol called IPKTS that not only provides a wealth of strong features but also delivers a better source of security. Subsequently, ensuring no loss of calls or functionality while working from any broadband connection.

Put simply, If you want to ensure your team have interference free client and colleague communications, and you don't currently have a system that allows you to unplug your phone from the office and plug it directly into your router at home and it work instantaneously, then it's worth having a chat with us.

For further information and to discuss your phone system call Newman on 01892 664155

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