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Posted on 15 September 2020 in Help & advice

There are several ways to reduce the amount you print as well as reducing the number wasted pages which end up in the recycling bin.

Try setting in place print rules from your pc with preferences such as some of the following measures.

Print in black and white only (reduce your colour usage) and set double sided format as standard. Use the print preview to check copy over thoroughly before printing. Perhaps also look to Implement papercut technology that ensures you print only what you need.

Retrieve printed files via print release whilst at the copier, rather than sending to print at a different location, in order to avoid other users interrupting your print job, or simply forgetting a job and leaving it printed and sitting unsecure at the printer.

Taking these steps will not only save on waster paper, but also time, and subsequently reduce  the risk of security breaches as printed documents will not intercepted or tampered with, especially if the copier is located in an area of high personnel traffic or open to the general public.

Investing in additional print technologies such as fingerprint recognition or card readers are also helpful ways of reducing waste, whilst also giving the ability to add print to cost centres for ease of monitoring usage.

If you would like to know more about reducing your print output and carbon footprint call our experienced team on 01892 664155

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