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IT Glitches Leaving You Grounded?

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Posted on 07 August 2019 in Help & advice

In light of the system failure with today (read article here). Glitches happen and sometimes you have to accept them. We would suggest there are a number of engineers under a LOT of pressure right now.

It most probably wasn't deliberate and they surely have a number of backup systems in place to rely on but then when you take into account the human factor, vendors you may be relying on, datacentre SLA’s, the complexities and possibilities for failure is endless!

Question is – without IT to handle the systems what else could you use? Go back to paper?

When looking onto your business IT systems it is important to have a company wide view. Look at all the devices on your network from PC's, BYOD's, Printers, Copiers, Phones and other business relevant technology. Ensure you have the most robust solution that is fit for purpose, with regularly updated software and security systems to limit downtime and business interruption.

Make sure you have the right IT provider to hand to deliver proactive servicing and support so you can get on with doing your business while we take care of yours.

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