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Managed print services improves capability whilst cutting costs

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Cripps Harries Hall LLP is one of the UK’s largest legal firms outside of London. With 280 staff located in six buildings in Tunbridge Wells, its 60 printers generate over five million sheets of A4 paper a year.

With such a colossal throughput, the law firm recently approached Newman Business Systems with a dual challenge, to improve capability and, at the same time, cut costs.

How we’re delivering business advantage to Cripps Harries Hall LLP

Cripps Harries Hall LLP has historically relied on several suppliers for its printers, toners and machine maintenance, a complex and costly ownership strategy. Furthermore, with paper such an important product of its business, the law firm realised its printers needed multifunctional capabilities that would introduce new levels of flexibility and help to reduce man-hours. For example, the company had a specific need for output trays, enabling separate print runs, something that many suppliers weren’t able to provide. Unsurprisingly, having to manually sort each other’s documents from a central printer’s output tray is a waste of effort and frequently a waste of paper.

The benefits of a one-stop-shop

As existing suppliers of Cripps’ photocopiers, at Newman, we were all too aware that the company urgently needed new technology and a long-term, integrated print strategy that would introduce new efficiencies and the ability to control costs through agreed page costs. Moreover, we knew it needed a true partner; a company that could offer expertise in several different service areas: print, fax, photocopy, scan and colour.

With this in mind, we proposed a 3-5 year managed print strategy encompassing sourcing machines, providing high quality support and maintenance and supplying toner and maintenance kits ensuring smooth operations at all times.

Streamlining the business to deliver long-term gain

Within the first year of our partnership, we’ve replaced 20 printers and, working in close partnership with the Cripps IT department, have used our expertise to develop the correct configuration to meet the firm’s very specific needs. For example, Cripps wanted to be able to scan directly into its document management system. With four million documents in its database, this capability is extremely valuable in time efficiency savings.

“With Newman, there is a genuine desire to go the extra mile, to select the right product and the right solution for the job. Partnership is very important to us and Newman have a rare ability to identify what we need before we do.”

Mike Burton, Head of IT, Cripps Harries Hall LLP

Already, the firm is seeing cost savings but even more important, the new strategy has given Cripps a distinct business advantage. The flexibility and reliability of the hardware together with the proactive support from Newman is enhancing Cripps’ level of client service, enabling it to respond quicker and more efficiently to its customers’ needs. In an economic downturn, this is a crucial way of adding value to the firm’s overall offer.


  • Reduce print costs.
  • Improve efficiency and uptime.
  • Scan and store paper documents electronically.

Success factors

  • A long term integrated print strategy with new efficiencies and the ability to control costs.
  • Being able to scan direct into their Document Management System.
  • Improved reliability of hardware and proactive support from Newman.
  • Significant cost savings.

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