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Next-generation interactive digital displays, such as the Sharp BIG PAD, are proving more popular than ever in both corporate and education settings.

Sharp Interactive Big Pad

It offers a remarkable array of features, delivers seamless integration into existing technology platforms and is proving more cost-effective than ever before.

The best systems let users do exactly what they need to do, when they want to, while at the same time using their own familiar and IT-approved software tools and existing peripherals.

Also driving this growth is improved AV performance, a smaller hardware footprint, so taking up less space in ever crowded rooms, and a move to open architecture solutions. Being able to use your own software and peripherals is key to this adaptability, as users often bring non-standardised devices, such as smartphones and laptops, and want to connect them to the interactive display for easier collaboration.

All this is possible with the Sharp Big Pad. Contact our experienced team at Newman for more information 01892 664155 or email

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