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Busy people need to make the most of their time.

Professional dictation technology boosts productivity and takes the pressure off you and your team. You’ll no longer need to type up your notes because devices allow you to make voice recordings on the go, then edit and transcribe them into documents ready for sharing.

We supply dictation technology backed up with an excellent support maintenance and repair service – a boon for any business, especially document-intensive professions.

Take the fast track to increased productivity with digital dictation devices from Newman Business Solutions.

Lawyer using a Philips dictation device

Speechlive — Dictation workflow. Anywhere. Anytime.

How it works

Dictation equipment enables you to record meetings, interviews or ideas then edit and share the transcriptions as Word documents, emails and other document types.

Best of all, these easy-to-use tools let you manage workflow and share information with colleagues across your network. When plugged in, the dictation device automatically uploads audio files directly onto your computer and straight into your workflow.

Plus, real-time job status data makes it easy to track your work using the priority setting, so you can get urgent recordings processed first.

Key features

We supply a wide range of devices that include the following features. Talk to us about the device that best matches your needs.

  • Capture meetings with several people with 360° microphone
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Wireless, ergonomic devices that are easy to use in any workplace
  • Edit speech files with great accuracy
  • Slow down or speed up speech without distortion
  • Simple and intuitive design allows for hands-free or single-handed operation
  • Security options protect files and automatic back-up prevents data loss
  • Integrated motion sensor guarantees superior recording results in any situation
  • Bar code scanner is ideal for clinical environments
  • Large full-colour display makes it easy to read menus at a glance
  • ‘Classic’ mode gives you the look and feel of an analogue device.

We are specialists in Philips dictation devices. Read on for full specification details.

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