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You cannot save costs without taking stock of your assets.

Print audit and control software constantly monitors your business usage of printing and copying and reports the results. Putting the data in your hands means you can make informed decisions about running your business more efficiently.

Our software records all print activity information, down to individual jobs and users. By optimising every device in your printer fleet, you can look forward to minimum downtime, and a reduction in running costs and waste.

Take control. Know your printing costs. And reduce them by up to 30%.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Combat waste by introducing rules such as a ‘double-sided only’ policy
  • Print all emails in mono
  • Retrieve an accurate print costs report for an overview of activity at any time
  • Reduce impact on the environment with lower energy use
  • Save paper and print costs by reducing wastage
  • Slash unnecessary print jobs with pop-up confirmation on screen
  • Monitor printing on a per-project, per-department or per-user basis.

Protect confidential printed documents

Our secure print software allows staff to retrieve only their own documents from a chosen printer using a swipe card to identify themselves. This not only enhances the integrity of your company data, but also eliminates the chance of lost, stolen or mixed-up documents; gives you greater visibility over printer usage; ensures data never falls into the wrong hands; and reduces waste from abandoned print jobs.

Track and save – call us about installing print audit and control software for your business.

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