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Hardware rental

Need office equipment for a short-term project? We can help.

Temporary events such as shows, marathons, summer schools and conferences for example require you to rent equipment such as copiers and printers, and multifunctional devices, for a short period.

We offer flexible rental terms to fit your budget and your time frame.

Find out about our range of hardware available to buy or lease.

Newman Business Solutions makes it really easy to get started. Just get in touch and you’ll be up and running in just a few days.

Hardware leasing

When you need to buy equipment such as computers, you may want to purchase hardware outright but it is worth considering all the finance options – including leasing.

Leasing equipment from Newman Business Solutions affords greater flexibility when it comes to meeting cash flow demands because you don’t tie up working capital in to equipment that depreciates in value. Leaving you free to invest in other business opportunities.

Read on for further benefits:

Easier budgeting - Accurately plan payments in advance through fixed-payment leasing arrangements – instead of a large capital outlay – that aren’t affected by changes in interest rates. Make regular payments spread over a fixed period; no deposit necessary.

Boost borrowing power - By renting equipment you can open up more credit options with your bank.

100% tax allowable payments - If you pay corporation tax, payments may be deducted from taxable profits, reducing the net cost of leasing equipment.

Upgrading and adding items - It’s simple to get an upgrade or add more IT equipment at any point during a leasing agreement.

Other credit arrangements unaffected - Cash is king. If you lease equipment, it won’t affect your other credit lines, such as arrangements with your bank. 

We make it really easy to get started and improve your cashflow. Just get in touch to discuss your rental or leasing needs and we’ll get you what you need.

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