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Newman are Microsoft Cloud Partners and have the knowledge you need to get to the Cloud with qualified staff on hand.

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Become a more flexible business with secure, cloud-based services.

IT services hosted in cloud-based servers lighten the burden on your organisation’s resources.

Cloud hosted services

Seamless transition - Making the transition from on-premise to hosted solutions can be daunting. We take the hassle away by managing the whole process for you seamlessly so you minimise downtime. Talk to us about getting started.

Business continuity - In the event of a disaster or bad weather you’ll maintain ‘business as usual’ because cloud-based email is not hosted on your premises so there can be no physical damage to a server. Staff simply log on from any location and continue to work. The uptime of hosted providers is impressive, at 99.9% availability.

Automated security - Anti-spam, security fixes and anti-virus are handled through the hosted platform and always kept up-to-date: one less thing for you to worry about. Cloud-hosted services take IT headaches away.

Consistent broadband - Cloud services do not slow down the corporate internet like traditional server-based IT – making it ideal for large teams working remotely from the main office.

Smooth collaboration - Online collaboration is easier because no matter where your staff are located, services hosted in the cloud allow teams to share databases, CRMs, applications, diaries and files across departments or branches really easily.

Scalability option - Storage space can be increased at the drop of a hat and if the number of user numbers rise or fall, there’s no need to replace the hardware.

Predictable costs - Charging for cloud-based services, including email, is based on the number of users, making monthly costs predictable.

Go mobile - Mobilise your workforce! Cloud-based IT services let you easily enable access via smartphones, tablets and laptops without adding to your outgoings. Find out about our digital dictation technology which uses cloud computing to help you work more flexibility.

Save energy - Less equipment on-premise means you burn less power, meaning lower bills and a lower carbon footprint for your business.

It’s easier to subscribe to a cloud service than it is to install a server and configure it to your business requirements. Let us help you to get started with cloud-hosted IT services.

What are you waiting for? Start to benefit from the flexibility of the cloud.

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