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Imagine a workplace where no-one ever lost a document and files were easy to store and retrieve.

Electronic document management software enables you to digitise documents and dramatically reduce the time spent ‘paper pushing’, letting you access, organise and file up-to-date documents in seconds.

The return on investment? That’s quick too.

What is electronic document management?

We provide tailor-made software that can read barcodes and provide duplex scanning hardware to help auto-archive documents in a single scanning operation.

The software works by automatically scanning paper documents and integrating them into a workflow or document management system saving many hours of manpower. You’ll enjoy the benefits immediately:

  • retrieve up-to-date files in seconds from any device on your network
  • manage files smoothly with automatic indexing
  • respond faster to customer requests
  • avoid wasting time looking for documents
  • save print and paper costs
  • create high volumes of electronic documents with batch scanning
  • free up office space – no more clunky filing cabinets – and cut out off-site storage
  • work from any location with immediate access to all the documents you need
  • securely destroy confidential data at the end of a document’s lifecycle.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes benefit from electronic document management. We offer entry-level electronic document management to corporate-wide solutions for large companies with complex workflows.

Think about it. No more paper pushing. Spend time on more important tasks instead.

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