Are you Cyber Secure?

Cyber Security

Are you Cyber Secure?

We often get asked for advice on cyber security for businesses. This is quite a big area, by far the best and most reliable source of up to date information in the UK is the government website, the National Cyber Security Centre.

Visitors to the site will be able to download information tailored to their size of business.  You can also access information on how to improve your information security in an affordable and practical way.

Benefit from their 5-stage guide:

1, Backing up your data

2, Protecting your business from malware

3, Keeping your phones and tablets safe

4, Making use of passwords to ensure your data is safe

5, How to avoid ‘phishing’ attacks

It has all been put together in an easily digestible format to follow.  You can also discover information about how to get your business Cyber Essentials Certified which shows your customers that you take cyber security really seriously.