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Business needs a reliable Internet Connectivity more now than ever before. From small businesses to large, whether you need to connect to Cloud based Line-of-Business applications, stay active on Social Media, take secure card payments or provide rock solid connectivity for users, we have a connection just right for you.


We work with a reputable suppliers to provide a range of reliable connnectivity technologies, backed up with the knowledgable of the in-house team at Newman.

Internet Connectivity on BYOD

Connectivity we offer

ADSL or Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line

Revolutionary in development and the first generally available ‘fast’ Internet available after Dial-Up. This is now the oldest and almost the slowest Internet Connection available relying on PSTN lines however is often still the only option available in some areas. Its ‘Asymetric’ as the speed is slower up than down anywhere between 0.5 Mbps to 18Mbps downstream and much slower up depending the telephone line.

FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet

This is where the Internet runs to your local street cabinet over a Fibre Optic cable and from there runs to your premises by traditional PSTN wires. Asymetric again and heavily reliant on line length and quality you might get speeds up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up.

EoFTTC or Ethernet over FTTC

The same technology as FTTC however has assured performance guarantees for when you need performance rather than speed. As the service has defined performance levels the downstream speed is typically around 20Mbps but burstable to higher speeds when conditions allow.

SoGEA or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access

This will become the default standard for replacement telephone lines being a Digital only line which doesn’t have a dialtone but it based on a basic Internet connection. Speeds start at 512Kbps up to hundreds of Mbps. As PSTN lines are phased out you will have the option for SoGEA with a VoIP Handset as the replacement.

FTTP or Fibre to the Premises

This is where a Fibre Optic cable reaches your premises directly from the Exchange and doesn’t run over the old telephone wires. This technology is increasingly being delivered to homes and businesses but relies on OpenReach’s Network Modernisation program to provide it. You can expect to see speeds up to 1Gbps downstream.

MPLS or MultiLayer Protocol Switching

This technology is often chosen by business to acheive fast intersite connectivity using predetermined routes and provides high Service Level Assurances – perfect if you need guaranteed performance. Speeds up to 1Gbps in both directions using Fibre Optic cables can be achieved along with guaranteed latency.

EFM or Ethernet First Mile

This is an ageing technology based on ADSL technology that aims to give faster, assured connectivity to clients that don’t yet have Fibre in the area. Its based on wire pairs that can be prone to failure however as multiple pairs are used there is some resilience. You might expect speeds up to 35Mb.

Leased Lines

These are a true, direct connections to the Internet using a specially installed Fibre Optic cable direct to your premises offering Service Level Assurances and guaranteed fix times. Leased Lines are a direct connection to the Internet generally giving the same speed up and down. Ideal for when you need an assured Internet Connection that won’t let you down.

Diverse Lines

Quite simply, two or more Leased Lines from diverse locations that offer an alternative connection in the event of a catastrophic failure on a primary route.


Mostly for out of town areas and less dense areas where Internet Connections are delivered using a small Access Point mounted externally pointing to a local Point of Presence.

Flashing Lines

So, what is best for your business?

The UK PSTN Telephone System is based on a Victorian principle – two wires that carry the voice between your premises and the Telephone Exchange. These wires are prone to faults, they break, water can get into joints and they are often decades old. While faults might be tolerated in a home environment in business, it costs time, money and is a cause of real frustration.


OpenReach provide much of the infrastructure and are now rapidly upgrading their network to an all IP based one. This means no more Analog lines to homes or Businesses but reliable Digital connections, more often than not delivered using Fibre Optic technology direct to your premises allowing  superior speed, reliability and performance than ever before.


As we work with a number of operators we can find you the best options available.

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