Make savings on print

Spending too much time and money on toner, administration, paper, maintenance and IT support?


With around 17% of pages printed in the workplace wasted, it’s time to stop, rein in waste and bring efficiency back.

Our team of manufacturer-accredited experts will help you understand your company’s printing requirements and costs.


From a few printers to a large fleet of multifunctional devices, they’ll identify potential savings and manage your entire printing function in a way that’s just right for your business.

Sharp Printers

Managed Print Solutions


Newman will implement an efficient print management service to handle the printing function across your company.


Using specialist software and our insight based on decades of business process experience, we’ll clearly assess your print usage.


Gathering usage data from printers & consumables – toner, maintenance, repair, helpdesk calls, print volumes, peak times; machine performance and service history – we can identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Introduce efficiency savings tailored to your business


  • Deploy energy-efficient multi-functional printers
  • Relocate the most efficient machines to the most demanding departments
  • Replace one-per-workstation printers with workgroup printers
  • Consolidate printers and supplies to reduce administration required for ordering & invoicing and reduce power consumption
  • Remote printer monitoring frees up staff time for more vital tasks.
Printers in the school environment

Key benefits of a fully managed agreement


  • Fixed price support with no hidden charges
  • Support team focused on your environment
  • Your site is fully documented giving the Newman team equal ability to respond to issues.
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting.
  • Single point of contact for all support
  • Dedicated and inclusive account management
  • Regular system reviews and firmware updates
C Cube Office set up

Know Your Costs

Print costs should not be underestimated. The average employee prints an average of 31 pages per day.


We make things easy and reduce running costs by providing one quarterly invoice for everything, based on a per-copy fee. The fee covers your whole fleet of printers, labour, servicing, parts, support and administration.


You’ll be able to budget more easily, better manage your outgoings and regain control.

We have specialist supplier knowledge. We only work with four suppliers – Sharp for multifunctional printers , Lexmark, Brother and Kyocera for printers and desktop multifunctional printers.


By limiting the manufacturers we partner with, our qualified engineers can have the greatest depth of knowledge of the products and parts we supply which translates into great service for you.

Accessible technology

Unburden IT

To ensure that your print function runs efficiently in the long term, we monitor your printers’ performance on an ongoing basis.


Our regular reviews provide you with the opportunity to further reduce running costs and boost efficiency.


If our monitoring software picks up any inefficiencies or ‘blockages’ in the system, our support team is on hand to tackle any problems.

By taking the load off your IT team it frees them up to work on other areas of the business. You benefit from maximum up time, regular, proactive servicing from experienced engineers and a single point of contact for support.


Giving you not only peace of mind but great service.

Managed Print Support

Industry leading technology

Reliable systems

Proactive servicing & support

Secure network

Why Choose Newman

We’ve got your back… With our team of experienced engineers who speak plain English your print set up is in safe hands.

We understand that you simply want your printers to work, to enable your team to get on with doing business, not being held up by unreliable tech. This is why we take the necessary time to find out exactly what your business requirements are to deliver the right solution for your company.

Managed Print Solutions

Cloud Security

Cost Centre Management

GDPR Compliance

Workflow Solutions

Data Security & Back up

Document Management

Service & Support

Prevent data leak

Smart Cards are often standard id across many Schools, Colleges, Universities and Businesses. They are simple to use and give access to a whole array of services including time and attendance monitoring, purchasing food, borrowing books, access into buildings, printing and photo copying and opening lockers to name but a few.


They will enable you to protect confidential printed documents with our secure print solution. Specialist software allows staff to retrieve only their own documents from a chosen printer using a swipe card or even finger print matching for authentication.


This not only enhances the integrity of your company data, but also eliminates the chance of lost, stolen or mixed-up documents, reduces waste from abandoned print jobs and gives you greater company-wide visibility over copier and printer usage.

Smart Card