Speech Exec Pro V11

The new Philips Speech Exec software is now available on a subscription basis to meet users’ needs even more efficiently. This new business model has many advantages!


All SpeechExec updates and new features are included in the subscription package at no extra cost, so no unexpected charges for software upgrade.

Speech Exec Pro in action
Dictation for business meetings

Always up to Date

While subscribed to SpeechExec you can enjoy all the benefits of software updates.


Simply activate the “automatic update” option and everything is done automatically and transparently.

Compatibility with your IT environment

The SpeechExec updates guarantee total compatibility with all the latest releases of Windows operating system.


Switching the licenses to the subscription model enables you to have a homogeneous environment with all your users working on the latest version of SpeechExec.

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Interview recording

Licencing, Security and Up Time 

Your license is portable

SpeechExec Pro V11 licenses are now assigned to individual users, not to individual PCs, giving you the freedom to work from your desktop at work or from a laptop off-site.



Your SpeechExec Pro license is now linked to your email address, allowing you to easily and securely reactivate a license in case of a machine failure.


No downtimes

The new SpeechExec Pro license model contains regular software updates, guaranteeing a high level of performance so you never experience interruptions on your work.

Why Newman Dictation?

Benefit from an in house team of technical dictation experts who will streamline your speech processing to ensure you have the best solution to keep your on-the-go dictations up and running 24/7.

Leading industry hardware and software from Phillips that boosts your productivity and efficiency whilst also delivering peace of mind.

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