Full Cloud Computing

Your on-premises servers are likely hiding their real costs. Not just the physical and environmental but also how they may be holding you and your employees back. Put your data into the Cloud and work from anywhere. There has never been a better time to see what Microsoft Azure services can do to transform and modernise your business.

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Microsoft Azure working

Hybrid Cloud

As Microsoft retire older Operating Systems it becomes harder to justify an On-Premise Server. You might be running a legacy system or application which prevents a full move to the Cloud and a Hybrid solution might be the answer.


Our Cloud specialists can analyse your existing environment making sensible proposals with a mix of on-premises and Cloud technologies that could really benefit your business and control costs.


Storage & Backup

Microsoft Azure can also be utilised for low cost data storage or long term archive.


Azure might also be used as a robust backup solution, keeping an off-site copy of your data for resilience.


If you’re running out of space why not see if Newman have the solution?

Matrix Coding

Microsoft Azure for Organisations

A Tailored solution to meet your business needs.

Scalable to grow with your organisation.

Fully integrated and secure.

Work anywhere, anytime, anyway.

Backed by Microsoft Technology and Newman Expertise.

Transform your Business with Cloud Computing

Streamlined IT

Adopting world leading Microsoft technology to power your business enabling your team to work productively and effectively from any location.


Fully supported by Newman’s qualified technical team to ensure the smooth running of your IT systems, leaving you to focus on your Business.

Integrated IT systems that you don’t have to worry about.

Microsoft Azure

Virtual Computing

Hybrid Cloud

IT Support

Microsoft 365

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Infrastructure & WiFi

Cyber Security

Newman IT Solutions

Benefit from an experienced IT Technical team at Newman who will implement the best solution to fit your business needs, undertake proactive system updates, ensure your it system is  secure and implement best practice to give you peace of mind.

Managed services that enable you to concentrate on your business rather than the systems that back you up.