Improving Workflow

As we begin to return to office operations following lockdown, flexible, remote working alongside office visits will become the norm. So how do you manage scanning, printing and workflows in this hybrid situation?

Intuitive scanning apps and workflow technology solutions will help your team work effectively from any location, adopting your internal systems to ensure streamlined operations continue.

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Document Management

Today, flexibility and the capacity to act are the main factors for success.  With tools such as Drivve DM you can not only digitise paper-bound and manual processes, but also reach new dimensions of speed, security and user-friendliness within all the higher-level and lower-level processes of your company.

Speed in retrieving information is the way to market, to customer satisfaction and success. To make the right decision at any time, you have to be best informed at all times – relevant information has to be at your fingertips, not more than one click away.

Increased Efficiency

In the document management world, working faster and more efficiently means freeing up valuable time for other more important things, the sorts of things that human brains do better over machines, like imagination and other professional talents that make your organisation excel.

With Drivve DM in your tool box, time is set free. It accelerates those pivotal processes that play a key role in your overall office performance and synchronises work flows and keeps your integrated network of knowledge running smoothly.  Accessing and distributing documents is one of the most important tasks within your company, something we spend a lot of time doing. Drivve DM keeps your team on the same page making your information responsive to your needs at all tines, meaning the faster your business can roll.

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Improved Workflow

Electronic file storage

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Secure management of sensitive data

User-friendly systems

Streamlined processes

Why Choose Newman

With over 40 years experience in the photocopier and print industry, your printer requirements are covered, Newman have a dedicated team of experienced service engineers with a 99.7% first time fix rate.

Newman offer industry leading hardware from manufacturers such as Sharp, Lexmark, Brother and Kyocera so we always use top quality manufacturer approved consumables for your machines.

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Expert Advice

With years of industry experience behind our team of account managers at Newman, you can rest assured that your account manager will help find the best print, scanning, document management or IT solution that fits the needs of your business.

We look at your business issues and find ways in which to solve your problems, reduce bottle necks and increase productivity with streamlined, user-friendly solutions. Giving you the peace of mind to work without worrying about technology letting you down.