Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, or more appropriately Business Continuity, is a planned and tested solution that you need in place to continue functioning should an unexpected incident happen.


Normally a disaster is defined as an event that restricts access to either your core IT systems or your physical place of work. This can be due to fire, flood, power, equipment theft, terrorist attack and now we need to think about pandemics.


A disaster is not hardware failure, although the end result of the failure may restrict you from accessing such data and should be covered under a support agreement.

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Cloud Backup

Newman can provide a number of options based on your needs, from Virtual recovery in the Cloud to Data Suite where you can relocate your office entirely.


Even if your data in the Cloud, it probaby still needs to be backed up to another location. Simply relying on the Datacentre may not be the best option. If that important document is accidentally deleted how do you get it back? What if your Cloud Server crashed? What if you have a Ransomware infection that encrypts your data? Or worse, what if the Datacentre has a disaster?


A seperate, isolated Backup or Image is often the right solution. This will be the start of an excellent Recovery Plan to keep you up and running.

Microsoft 365

Newman provide products that backup your data to another Cloud location so you can get your data back when its most needed.


Microsoft 365 is a great product but you can’t rely on it alone. For example, if you delete a document, Microsoft will only retain this in the ‘Recycle Bin’ for 30 days – after which it become almost unrecoverable.


What if you were to become infected with an Encryption Virus? How would you get to your data without paying the ransom? (Not recommended).


Newman can provide solutions to backup your Data and Servers to a seperate, isolated, Cloud location that allows effective recovery. Call us now to see how our team can help you be resilient against data loss.

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With spam and phishing attacks on the increase at an alarming rate, there is an increasing need for computer networks to be secure from such threats.

Stem the flow of such system attacks by choosing a robust IT solution and an experienced team of IT engineers at your disposal.

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