Aren’t We Too Small For A Managed Print Service?

Brother Managed Print Solutions

Aren’t We Too Small For A Managed Print Service?

Aren’t Managed Print Solutions for larger businesses with multiple locations?

There is no organisation that is too small to benefit – Here at Newman we offer fully managed services from one device. It’s a cost-effective solution that is proven to save businesses time and money, from large corporates to micro businesses, as well as boosting efficiency and sustainability. It’s not a one-size-fits-all service. To find out which of our programmes is best suited to you get in touch with one of our Account Managers for more information.


But print is only a small cost for our business, so why should we bother?

Regardless of your business’s size, managed print can reduce the cost of your supplies by 20%, as well as the time spent managing and maintaining the couple of devices that you have. Should there ever be an issue with your printers, an engineer will come to you the next working day to repair or replace the device – it’s all part of the service.

An MPS can also reduce your outlay on printers rolling them into your operational expenditure instead of buying. This means you have access to the latest print technology and saves having to part with a large amount upfront. Thus easing your business cashflow.

With an MPS, all your print devices can be connected to one monitoring system. This means you can ensure all printers are set up as efficiently as possible, to minimise the amount of paper, electricity and print consumables you use, contributing to any cost saving or sustainability initiatives you may be running.


How can a print service actually save us time?

Having an MPS in place cuts the hidden time costs that come with managing your printers, including the time spent setting up machines and systems, responding to issues and handling supplies. Supplies, including paper and ink or toner cartridges, are automatically re-ordered just in time and arrive ready to be installed whenever they are needed, so you don’t have to give them a second thought.

Having the latest printers also means improved reliability, so less chance of anything going wrong and interrupting your workflow. Also gives you access to new devices as soon as they are released. And should there ever be a problem, Newman’s dedicated, UK-based MPS service desk will be on hand to help.


Can MPS save us space too?

The pandemic and the switch to hybrid working has prompted many businesses to look again at their office space and explore opportunities to make savings by downsizing. Newmans’ range of Brother compact devices available on the MPS Essential programme provide powerful printing technology, fit for even the most confined spaces. As well as this, choosing the right printer with the right service pack means there is no need for secondary “backup” devices to take up valuable space, just in case. Likewise, automated supplies means cupboards are kept free of spare cartridges, with new ones arriving “just in time” for them being needed.

If you are exploring MPS Professional and MPS Enterprise then at the start of your MPS, a thorough print audit and assessment will look for opportunities to reorganise your print hardware. One of our print expert Account Managers will identify ways to make savings, including a balanced deployment of devices that provides the exact printing capacity and capability you need in each location.

We need to focus on security, not penny pinching!

An MPS print audit can also identify and mitigate print and IP security risks, with a tailored print security plan.
This might include recommending printer access control procedures, installing multifunctional printers with automatic hard drive wiping functionality and network-level solutions to reduce the risk of information being retrieved by hackers.

Brother devices offer triple-layer security, ensuring your business is protected at the network, device and document level, including a range of integrated security functions designed to combat cybercrime, including SSL encryption – the same technology used by banks to keep card details secure – which protects documents containing sensitive information that are sent across networks to be printed.


If you would like to discuss your print management environment in more detail contact our experienced account management team here at Newman on 01892 664155.