Consumable recycling scheme

Consumable recycling scheme

We are pleased to announce that Newman are actively engaged in a scheme to provide an environmentally-friendly waste consumable recycling solution to our customers.

We are working in partnership with EOS Solutions, an Environment Agency approved AATF registered to ISO14001 and BS27000 for confidentiality of customer data and information.

This will mean that customers will have an environmentally responsible solution to dispose of their waste by proper treatment and recycling that ensures zero waste to landfill.

How the scheme works

In order to dispose of waste toner cartridges and other associated consumables, please call or email Newman to discuss collection options. Collection can be arranged for one or two units or for larger quantities a disposal bag can be provided. There is a small fee for the service which covers administration and collection costs.

What happens to the consumable when it is collected?

Waste items are collected by Newman and returned to our partners recycling facility. In the case of toner cartridges, the toner is first removed and can be used to colour aggregates. The cartridge is separated into its component parts, which are then either recycled on site, or sent to facilities specialising in the recycling of plastics and metals.

Recovered materials are used to manufacture products such as games consoles, building materials and washing machine components, all of which can be recycled again at the end of their life. This is contrary to other cartridge recycling schemes where various plastics are mixed up and can therefore only be recycled once and for a very limited amount of uses.