End of life for Windows 7

End of life for Windows 7

Time for an IT Upgrade?

Windows 7 reaches ‘end of life’ on 14th January 2020 so if anyone uses Windows 7 for business after this date they may become vulnerable to outside threats and won’t be compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR and ISO 27001.

Not upgrading will leave you stuck in the mud and open to attack. Don’t run the risk of being exploited. It is quick and easy to get an upgrade. The ‘most reliable, efficient operating system from Microsoft to date’ is Windows 10 (version 1809).

Empower your staff with the latest technology to ensure they can work productively, efficiently and time sensitively.

Our Highly qualified IT team here at Newman are on hand to help and assist you with any upgrade requirements you may have. For a full tech review and a free IT system audit, drop the team a call on 01892 664155.

More general information from the government body can be found here at the National Cyber Security Centre