How much paper does your organisation waste

How much paper does your organisation waste

Did you know that the average employee wastes 6,800 sheets of paper a year?

You may think your print costs are not that important or you may think you really have control over them… Well think again!

Did you know that the average employee wastes 6,800 sheets of paper a year AND forgets to pick up more than 600 sheets of paper from the printer per year!

So how can you really cut back on wasting paper, toner and ink? The answer is print monitoring software.

A good print monitoring solution allows you to control what is printed, when it is printed and who printed it. Accurate print accounting is essential to cutting down costs; in fact, Gartner estimates that 3% – 5% of company’s annual budget is spent on erroneous and unnecessary print costs. With a print monitoring solution, print expenditure can be dramatically reduced. Client codes, quotas per user, secure authentication logins can all be set up to ensure the print monitoring software works perfectly alongside your organisations needs.

So what are the other benefits of print monitoring software?

Secure Print Solution: A secure print solution is a way of ensuring that printed output is securely queued until the valid user releases the job via secure print release. This is possibly one of the best features a print monitoring solution can have. Users have to select their prints at the printer before they are released, thus decreasing the chances of duplicate or unnecessary prints. Your colleagues can easily cancel prints at the printer should they wish to. Of course, we can’t forget that this will dramatically improve the security and privacy of any sensitive documents that may be printed and avoid them getting into the wrong hands.

Copier/scan integration: Good print monitoring software should come with the ability to account for all of your photocopying and scanning needs. Network connected copier control devices are installed at each copier or MFD or software can be embedded into the devices. Users can login by using the touch screen, ID card or even a biometric fingerprint reader – it’s all dependent on your organisational needs. Once securely authorised the user can then use the photocopier or MFD with limits and quotas optionally enforced and can even be asked to enter charge-codes or client codes – all details of the copy transaction are logged centrally with all relevant print data.

Mobile printing: Mobile printing provides the ability for users to connect and use printing services from their own laptops, tablets or mobiles without having to authenticate to the organisations network. All print output can be accounted for alongside your print management solution. You can also have the opportunity to securely releases print documents using biometric release, ID cards, embedded software via the touch screen terminal of the MFD. Mobile printing is great for those on the move, an employee could be out at an external meeting with the client, send their documents to the printer and then pick them up from the printer via secure print release when they arrive back in the office. It’s as simple and convenient as that.

It’s time to stop wasting paper and print the smarter way using print monitoring software.