How technology can help office efficiency

How technology can help office efficiency

Choose your office technology carefully and you’ll benefit from increased productivity, more office space and a smoother running business.

Don’t think you need to revolutionise the office overnight (that would be costly). At Newman, we recommend you plan your changes organically. When equipment needs refreshing, don’t immediately replace it with an upgrade. Take a little time to research what’s available on the market. There may be a more innovative and less costly alternative.

Install a multifunctional product

Why have a separate fax, copier, printer and scanner when a single product can offer all four functions without quadrupling the cost? Plus, a multifunctional device will create the finished document in a fraction of the time of using separate machines.

Invest in colour

More and more companies are using colour for everything from sales data to annual reports. If you currently outsource, you could be spending, on average, £1,600 per year on printing and copying. Invest in a colour laser copier printer and you’ll have access to affordable, high quality, high speed, colour print and copy, whenever you need it.

Throw out the filing cabinets

Office space is expensive. Electronic archiving can free up valuable office space by reducing the amount of paper held in the building. Businesses in coveted locations, such as the City of London, can expect to pay around £400 per square metre, which makes electronic archiving a very practical way of saving money.

Electronic archiving also ensures your information can be accessed efficiently, since all documents are indexed after scanning and can be retrieved by using a key word. Research has shown that on average, senior managers spend 12 minutes a day looking for documents which have been lost or mislaid, which equates to one whole hour every week. Electronic archiving allows information to be shared across the business, and ensures vital documents are at your fingertips.

Rethink desk space

LCD monitors are no longer just a stylish accessory for the MD’s desk. As prices tumble, LCD screens are putting forward a serious challenge to the traditional CRT PC screens. Here’s why you should choose LCD:

  • Saves office space. While offering the same size of panel as a traditional monitor, LCD screens can be as slim as 17mm, compared to as much as 400mm for a traditional display.
  • Ergonomically designed. Display enhancing technologies such as Sharp’s Black TFT and ASV minimise reflection, improve colour contrast and enable LCD screens to be viewed comfortably at almost any angle by the user.
  • Emits less heat. You’ll save on air conditioning costs and your staff will be more comfortable, especially with our increasingly hot summers.
  • Lowers energy consumption rates.

These are just a few areas where technology can help.