Innovation in the Modern Workspace

Windows Collaboration Display

Innovation in the Modern Workspace

Innovation in the Modern Workplace

Enhance your business meetings with the latest tech from the Sharp portfolio the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display.


The days of information scarcity, hierarchies, competing to win through individual heroes and inefficiencies are over. With the new culture of work, organizations are shifting to an environment in which information is abundant, work structures are dynamic, employees are collaborative and work together to creatively drive value. There is a spirit of experimentation, learning and refinement and there is a greater emphasis on efficiency in outcomes.

Organizations that make this shift will ultimately be more resilient, responsive and will effectively compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Walk in. Plug inĀ  and Work together

Benefit from:

  • Enhanced Meeting Collaboration and Productivity.
  • Cloud Services and AI analytics for Facilities Management.*
  • Built around Microsoft Azure.*

Inspire confidence and trust through easy and reliable connectivity, a comfortable work environment and save costs through improved meeting room utilisation.


What Can the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display do for your meetings?

Teamwork simplified

Microsoft teams is a commonly used platform for business meetings and team collaboration, This works seamlessly with the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display.

If you are interested in improvingĀ  collaboration, interaction and communication in your business meetings feel free to call one of our experienced visual solutions team on 01892 664155.