Insurance Broker Adopts Robust Print Strategy

Insurance Broker Adopts Robust Print Strategy

Established in 2005, the well-respected chartered insurance and risk management business Aston Lark Group Limited has continued to sustain rapid expansion via organic growth, through intelligent diversification and strategic acquisitions to a current tally of 13 UK offices and over 250 staff.


Service that’s second to none

Aston Lark take pride in building long-term relationships with clients, based on a mutual trust. Their high-calibre staff are committed to investing the time required to understand each client’s business in detail, identifying areas of exposure to deliver bespoke insurance and risk management solutions. With this in mind Aston Lark choose their suppliers to match the quality of service they themselves deliver.

Ironing out issues

Over the years Aston Lark have expanded considerably through a number of acquisitions resulting in the company amassing an array of different printer manufacturers and models which became quite onerous to manage.  After a number of meetings Newman provided fresh ideas on how to streamline and simplify the time consuming operations and processes and generally make life easier for the staff involved.

As well as implementing efficient multifunctional devices with higher capability and better print quality, a robust proactive service plan was put in place to meet the developing needs of Aston Lark.

Making life easier for management and staff

Automated processes where no human intervention is involved eradicates problems, particularly where taking equipment readings is concerned. Aston Lark don’t need to worry about a thing, it just happens. Pro-active servicing helps to maintain the optimum level of print quality and helps prolong the working life of the equipment. Regular review meetings help spot high volume areas, then wherever possible equipment can be moved to load balance the fleet and again get the most out of the working life of the equipment.

IT Director for Aston Lark, Michael Darling states “Since implementing a formalised print strategy with Newman we have seen a great improvement, over and above anything we have received in the past from other suppliers. With our increasing expansion plans we know having Newman on board as our print partner, we can rest assured we have the necessary support in place to ensure seamless print management support and equipment upgrades as and when required.”

“If my account managers are happy I am happy. The multifunctional devices supplied by Newman are very user friendly, we have proactive servicing in place and in the four years we have dealt with Newman I can safely say we have had no downtime issues. I find Newman easy to work with and find their team amicable and friendly. I would happily recommend their services to others”.



Professional services



  • Different printer models adopted via acquisitions became onerous to manage
  • Limited capability of machines
  • Time consuming to work
  • Low print quality

Success factors

  • Streamlined processes
  • Streamlined multifunctional printer fleet
  • Higher print quality and capability
  • Robust, proactive service plan in place to meet growing business needs.
  • Automated processes
  • Regular system reviews