Is your business server up to the job?

Is your business server up to the job?

14th July 2015 is the end of the road for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support… are you ready?
The withdrawal of support and software updates for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will leave businesses open to a host of issues such as;

  • Exposure to potential virus attack, hacking and malware
  • Loss of data and connectivity
  • Corruption of incompatible files
  • Less resilience
  • Slower functioning and frequent system crashes

Business continuity and system stability are of vital importance. Lack of productivity and system downtime can have a detrimental affect across the whole business, from staff being unable to perform even the simplest of functions such as accessing calendars, emails and files, to loss of highly important, business or even client sensitive information, which could in turn leave your business vulnerable to compliance failure.

The leading solution on the market today is Microsoft Office 365 which offers great flexibility, reliability and resilience. All the familiar office applications you know, along with a dynamic set of secure cloud connected tools that help you communicate, collaborate and get more done. It keeps itself up to date so you have the tools you need at hand to do what you do best.

What is the next step? Do you go Microsoft 365, on premise Server 2012, Hosted, Cloud? or maybe a hybrid solution?

Newman delivers IT solutions to enable you to work a better way. We can advise on the best fit for your business needs now and for the future.

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