Juggling Security, Efficiency, and Eco-Friendliness in Your Printing?

Juggling Security, Efficiency, and Eco-Friendliness in Your Printing?

Tired of juggling issues such as security, efficiency and green credentials in your print environment?

Future-proofed by design with stringent security features and superior functionality for hybrid working. The Sharp BP60C31 boasts several key benefits for those seeking a secure and efficient A3 colour Multifunction Printer (MFP) in the modern workplace. Here are some of the highlights:


Effortless Productivity

Fast Speeds: Print and copy documents at high speeds of up to 31 pages per minute (ppm) in both colour and black & white.

Uninterrupted Workflow: Replace toner and paper without pausing print or copy jobs, keeping your workflow smooth.

Intuitive Interface: Utilize the 10.1″ tiltable colour LCD touchscreen with smartphone-style icons for easy access to features.

Efficient Scanning: Scan two-sided documents at speeds of up to 80 ipm in batches of up to 100 sheets with the Reversing Single Pass Feeder. AI technology optimizes resolution, gradation, and compression for all scans.


Effortless Connectivity and Security

Seamless Hybrid Working: Supports multiple connection options with mobile printing and cloud services for flexible workstyles.

Robust Security Features: Secure your device and data with advanced security protocols and user authentication options.

Motion Sensor Wake-up: Automatically wakes from sleep mode when approached, improving energy efficiency and convenience.


Effortless Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Design: Reduces environmental impact with lower power consumption and adherence to energy regulations.

Eco-Focused Functions: Features like eco-scan and rapid warm-up time save energy and money.

Circular Economy Principles: Designed with recyclability and minimal carbon footprint in mind.


The Sharp BP60C31 is a highly versatile and productive MFP solution ideal for businesses and organizations seeking a combination of speed, security, sustainability, and user-friendliness in their document workflow.

If you would like further information about this model of MFP or indeed a further discussion about your specific print requirements in more detail contact Newman on 01892 664155