Logistics company benefit from smoother processes

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Logistics company benefit from smoother processes

Founded in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services. During this time, it has evolved alongside the e-commerce wave and major developments in the courier and freight industries to be the pick, pack and ship service for online businesses.


With over 150 employees ILG now serve more than 700 clients worldwide. We ship thousands of parcels daily to businesses and consumers and ILG is now a significant force in the logistics industry with a reputation for excellence in fulfilment as well as international courier services.

Based in West Sussex, ILG have 5 warehouse facilities and plans continued growth through expanded services across the UK and beyond while maintaining its focus on people and quality to help your company improve its business performance

ILGĀ had an aging fleet of un-supported and varying HP series printers, many purchased as refurbished obsolete models in order to be compatible with legacy processing software. 2 MFD devices leased on a managed print solution.


  • Unreliable and old equipment
  • Drain on IT resources
  • 32 Printers across 24 differing models which means cash is tied up in consumables

In a busy warehouse environment we cannot escape the fact we have to print documents, be that pick & dispatch notes or shipping documentation. As the fleet was unsupported much time was spent by our IT department attempting to fix printer problems. Delays in fixing these could lead to downtime for areas of the operation and lost time / efficiency by having to divert print to alternative device which could be some distance from the processing area.

Due to the age /mix of model types, programmability was an issue so an increased wastage of specialist stationary as unable to specify paper source.

Consumable cost and storage also became an issue due to the variation of equipment type and availability of quality consumables for obsolete models at a reasonable cost.

When ILG look for a service provider it is never just about cost. We strive to source a solution provider that we can build a positive and forward thinking partnership with. Newman Business Solutions ticked all the boxes with their approach and proposal.

The initial installation scope in November 2014 covered 20 devices across 2 main sites. The execution of the roll out was superbly managed and delivered by the Newman technical team and fully supported by their sales team. We were kept up to speed throughout and involved directly to understand how the solution fit together in practice. This could have been very disruptive to our operations team but the transition was very smooth, keeping any outage to a minimum.

Post installation support and training also exceeded expectations.

“Working with Newman has taken the pain out of our print solutions. We have gained time and operational efficiency with the managed print solution by not having to support internally, downtime is negligible. The more efficient and programmable hardware has led to cost saving in stationary and supplies cost. We have also benefited in using the solutions proposed by Newman to actually reduce printing in some areas leading to cost saving and also helping us improve on our environmental policy.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Newman Business Solutions”.



Transport & distributions


  • Managed print services
  • Electronic document management
  • Support for multifunctional devices


  • Unreliable and out-dated equipment
  • Drain on IT resources
  • 32 printers across 24 differing models meant cash was tied up in consumables
  • Issues with programmability
  • System down time creating knock on effects

Success factors

  • Taken the pain out of print solutions
  • Gained time and operational efficiency
  • Negligible downtime
  • 20 devices rolled out across two main sites
  • Fully supported roll out by Newman sales and technical teams
  • Good communication throughout installation process and beyond
  • Reduced print
  • Improved environmental policy