Phone Lines are Changing

Phone Lines are Changing

Phone Lines are Changing, Stay Ahead of the Change


Analogue is out and digital is in!

By 2025 traditional copper-wire landline technology will be replaced by digital, meaning people across the UK will need an internet connection in order to place a phone call. The traditional landline telephone call will be consigned to history from 2025 as all UK phone calls make the transition to digital. This monumental shift marks a significant milestone in the evolution of telecommunications, as companies embrace the future of communication technology.


What is the difference between digital and traditional phone lines?

Digital phone systems work using the prevailing phone lines with upgraded equipment, which makes phone lines suitable for current technology. At the same time, the traditional phone system is connected by wires, which can be complicated to maintain and make the workplace messy. Digital phone service is another name given to VoIP services. Land lines are the traditional telephone service. Digital phones are essentially the next technological step for the traditional office phone system. These phones still use traditional phone lines but convert the analogue sound of your voice into a digital signal that is encoded and then decoded at the other end of the line.


How can I switch to digital phone service?

Changing to a digital phone line means that all of the devices and services connected to your existing phone line will need to be able to work via a router and your service provider may need to provide you with a new one. Some routers may allow you to plug your existing analogue phone handset into the back of them rather than the wall socket. If you already have an internet connection, the change may be as simple as plugging your phone into your broadband router rather than the socket on the wall. You can also check with your service provider for more information on how to switch to digital phone service.

Here at Newman we have a wealth of experience with helping businesses migrate across from Analogue to digital communications ensuring all your devices and services move across with you, without business interruption. If you would like advice prior to the 2025 switch off then get in touch with us for a free, no obligation chat on 01892 664155

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