Plenty of Phish in the IT Sea

Plenty of Phish in the IT Sea

What would you do in the event of a ‘phishing attack’ such as this one on Autoline?

Some top tips to avoid getting Phished…

  • More End User training  is of great importance so users can recognise a Phishing email and know not to enter their credentials.
  • The likelihood of becoming phished increases by having 7 users use the same mailbox.
  • Ensure Office 365 Auditing is enabled.
  • Get Cyber Essentials Certified – Newman can help you gain this.

Sadly bad things will always happen and Autoline have done the correct thing to disclose the breach but one cannot be 100% sure to make the statement that no personal data or policy information had been affected as you simply have no idea how long the hacker had access to the mailbox and what the mailbox actually did.

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