Print solution helps parts distrubutor fly

Print solution helps parts distrubutor fly

New print solutions have enabled aircraft parts distributor Saywell International to improve document workflow and productivity, improving both internal processes and the service which the company provides to its customers.

Saywell distributes essential aircraft maintenance parts to customers including Airbus, Boeing, British Airways and Virgin. The company has supported the air industry for 60 years and understands the importance of quick supply particularly when essential parts are required before an aircraft can continue to its next destination.

Documentation is critical. Ron Grout, IT manager explained, “The aircraft industry is tightly regulated. Aircraft parts must be supported with the right documentation – copies of the Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Approval and relevant export documents. Saywell has developed document systems that allow us to achieve just that; right part, right documentation, in time, every time.”

With legacy print and copy systems hampering document workflows and proving expensive to maintain, Saywell turned to Newman Business Systems for advice on a managed print solution. Newman recommended change; replacing stand alone photocopiers and desktop printers with modern efficient multifunctional products, and line printers with high-speed page printers.

Standalone copiers and desktop printers were quickly replaced with state-of-the-art Sharp multifunctional printers & copiers. By migrating print away from desktop printers to more efficient multifunctional products, Saywell saved money and dramatically improved document workflow processes. The new devices provided new functionality, faster output and improved paper handling.

A Sharp multifunctional product located in the main office acts as a departmental printer, walk-up copier and network scanner. Printing and copying at 70 pages per minute, the Sharp multifunctional device deals quickly with departmental copying and printing. A huge 6,600 sheet paper capacity means that there is seldom need to replenish paper.

Several smaller Sharp multifunctional printers have been installed around the building and are used as workgroup printers, convenience copiers and scan stations. A number of desktop printers were removed and print is routed to the nearest multifunctional device. Staff gained desk space, happily exchanging desktop convenience for new functionality like network scanning.

According to Ron Grout, network scanning has simplified work processes: “Our document workflow starts with an order. Reception staff would copy incoming orders and walk them to the relevant department. They now scan incoming orders and email them for action. As well as reducing time spent delivering documents, the new process automatically creates an electronic copy of every order.”

The Sharp multifunctional devices supplied by Newman Business Systems are saving the company money. Unlike desktop printers which consume expensive consumables, the multifunctional products are serviced on an all inclusive ‘click’ basis. Ron explained, “The running cost of the new multifunctional products is half that of the desktop printers replaced. Migrating print from desktop printers to multifunctional devices has saved £400 per month.”

“The running cost of the new multifunctional products is half that of the desktop printers replaced. Migrating print from desktop printers to multifunctional devices has saved £400 per month.”

Ron Grout, IT Manager, Saywell International

Replacing line printers presented a different challenge. The dot matrix line printers were used to overprint data onto preprinted stationery. The printers were expensive to run and output looked dated. Print data was generated by mainframe computer systems and whilst the company wanted to improve the appearance of documentation and reduce costs, it did not want to change mainframe services.

UnForm® is a software application by Synergic Data Systems which converts UNIX data streams into graphical documents. The software allowed Saywell to create modern professional looking invoices and certificates from existing data streams. The new documentation can be printed directly onto plain paper without the need for dot matrix line printers or for pre-printed stationery.

With new forms prepared, Saywell were able to replace the old line printers with Sharp page printers. With two identical devices running side-by-side, urgent documentation is produced in double quick time. The solution also safeguards production. If one machine goes offline, work is routed to the second; a huge advantage in an environment where timely documentation is mission critical.

The Sharp printers were configured with productivity in mind. Extra feed stations provide the capacity for continuous print whilst mailboxes allow different print jobs – invoices, certificates and statements – to be routed to specific trays for collection. With fast 100Base-TX network capability, the Sharp printers have proved more than a match for Saywell’s document production needs.

Like the Sharp multifunctional printers & copiers, the new page printers are serviced under a low-cost, all inclusive ‘click’ service agreement by Newman Business Systems. With external print costs for preprinted stationery eliminated and a near 50% reduction in running costs, Ron estimates that the introduction of high-speed page printers has saved Saywell another £600 per month.

“Document workflow has been streamlined and processes improved. We can point to savings of over £1,000 per month. The Sharp solution has proved an asset to our business.”

Ron Grout, IT Manager, Saywell International

“The impact of the new print strategy is dramatic. Document workflow has been streamlined and processes improved. Staff enjoy using the new multifunctional technology and our customers receive an improved service. We can point to savings of over £1,000 per month. The Sharp managed print service solution has proved an asset to our business”.



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  • Cut printing costs and improve efficiency.
  • Facilitate a wider range of print capability.
  • Restrict printing to authorised personnel.

Success factors

  • Savings in document production costs of over 30%.
  • Higher standard documents.
  • Being able to use the optimum piece of equipment for the job they are doing.
  • The ability to produce a far wider range of jobs in-house.