Securing the modern office

Securing the modern office

IT security was a hot topic in 2017 and it continues to be top on the agenda as we head towards the GDPR regulation coming into place in May this year.

Data breaches continue to reach the headlines and this trend unfortunately seems set to continue.

According to the cyber security breaches survey*, almost half of UK businesses (46%) have suffered a cyber-attack in the last 12 months. Not only is security high on the agenda for most users, customers are also looking for valuable knowledge from us and our manufacturers on security issues.

With the benefit of IT solutions experience hand in hand with our Multifunctional printer expertise we are well positioned to explain which products best tick the compliance box, and provide ongoing consultancy advice on what best meets our customers’ business needs.

Network security

In the age of cyber-crime, online predators are exploring new and varied ways in which to infiltrate and exploit organisations. While often security may be prioritised for hardware such as desktop PC’s, the same cannot be said for every device within the office.

Unsecured MFP’s are an easy entry point for hackers to gain access to SME or large corporate networks. Gaining even limited access to an unsecure printer or MFP can enable a hacker to explore your network and seek out other unsecured targets. Many IT departments do not fully understand the technical capabilities that MPF’s now offer. We at Newman are uniquely placed to assist and educate our customers on these risks.

Our partners Sharp were the first manufacturer to receive certification for common criteria, compliant with Profile Protection for Hardcopy Devices v1.0, from JISEC. This certification, awarded to Sharp’s MFP range, represents the latest security standards of government and military offices, providing a safety guarantee to all those purchasing from Newman.

Data Security & Encryption

In every business, the adoption of robust data protection policies and practices should be a priority. However, with the GDPR coming into force this year, having security weak points could have severe financial consequences. If found in breach of the regulations, organisations will be subject to fines of 4% of annual global turnover or €20Million, whichever is the greater.

Newman recognise that data security is a fundamental component of integrated solutions as well as individual products. We are fully conversant with the full range of security capabilities that are built in to the different office products and solutions that we provide. Whether it be; Security features built-in to MFP hardware, to secure print management solutions, cloud-based services for storing and sharing electronic files, or managed IT services including PC protection and secure back up, you will find our team to be professional, knowledgeable and on hand to advise.

Optimised Printing

While security lapses are often attributed to peoples’ use of Cloud, public file sharing sites or personal devices in the workplace, it’s clear that the buck does not stop with digital information.

Normally, in a small office with a shared printer, you press Print and unless the work is urgent- you collect the pages at some later point.  During this time the printed information, which might be confidential, is lying there, at risk of being seen by anyone. Recent research carried out by our partners Sharp with 6000 office workers across Europe, revealed that 59% of UK office workers said their colleagues leave printed documents in the printer tray. Furthermore, 1 in 12 people (8%) admitted to having access to confidential information that they shouldn’t have.

While some employers may accept this as par for the course, this is where Newman add value by sharing knowledge of potential solutions, such as optimised printing software. With features like ‘Follow Me’ printing, documents are held on a server after you click print and are only released to you when you arrive at the printer and log in to your account.  Simple secure solutions at the touch of a button.

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