Sharp, Compact and Up for the Job

Sharp, Compact and Up for the Job

Small, Yet Mighty! Innovation in design


Front of House Technology

Stylish front of house technology.

The BP-20C25 has been given a particularly stylish design – you will immediately notice that unlike other Sharp MFPs it has a striking high contrast two tone design.

Customer-facing users with limited space and in need of a reliable A3 Colour MFP will appreciate this attractive new look on such a compact device.

In particular, the OC model, BP-10C20 has an aesthetically-pleasing cube design, which looks great on top of a desk.


Style isn’t everything. Size matters.

Unobtrusive Design

Unobtrusive Design

For many customers, the most attractive feature of this MFP will be its size. The BP-20C25 is a compact A3 Colour MFP. But you may be thinking, what does compact really mean?

For us, this means an MFP which fits into any workplace.

We have utilised a number of our breakthrough technologies to give the BP-20C25 the smallest footprint in its class. In fact, this A3 Colour MFP is comparable in size to our A4 Colour MFPs (MX-B355W and MX-C303W).


Compact range to cater for a variety of office spaces


Easy Intallation

The BP-20C25 has a much more streamlined installation process than our previous series, such as the DX-2500N.

Saving as much as 30% of the time it used to take, as we have implemented;
a simple set-up process with the developer included with the MFP
the OC or RSPF pre-installed with the model as standard – no need for assembly

Low Cost

These MFPs are available at a competitive price for the low-end A3 MFP market. This has been achieved through a number of innovative design elements, such as a new engine platform*, as well as fewer but more streamlined components. This delivers numerous benefits which will make production, as well as distribution and service more efficient.


Key Takeaways

  • The BP-20C25 brings essential functionality which is simple and easy to use.
  • This MFP has the smallest footprint in the market for an A3 Colour MFP.
  • We have given this model an attractive two-tone design which will fit into any office.
  • We have made the installation process simple and time-saving, reducing set-up time by 30%.
  • Some of our latest breakthrough technologies not only allow us to reduce the size of this A3 MFP, but also supply it at a competitive price.


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