Simplicity to Print, Scan, Copy and Send

Simplicity to Print, Scan, Copy and Send

Simplicity3 – Launching the Sharp C-Cube
Makes everyday tasks much easier. And do it all with a lot more style!

With these new generation, entry-level A3 colour MFPs you can rediscover simplicity. By thinking outside the box, Sharp have designed a new type of product to deliver essential business functionality.

If you want to print, copy, scan or fax*1 documents they get the job done quickly and easily – even from mobile devices. And their compact design adds a real touch of style to any office.

Simply more stylish

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary. These MFPs have a unique cubic design with a distinctive two-tone colour scheme. And they are one of the smallest A3 colour devices available – measuring just 56 x 56 x 65.3*2 cm. So they can fit in almost anywhere and enhance the look of your workspace, making them an ideal choice for use on office desktops or in locations with restricted space.

Simple to use

There’s no complex set-up or messy cables. An optional wireless LAN lets you connect to any WiFi enabled device, so that anyone can print or scan directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC using AirPrint*2, Google Cloud Print or the Sharpdesk Mobile app. Or insert a USB drive and simply select a file from the pop-up menu to directly print any stored documents or save scans to it without having to use a PC.

 “They are simple to use, simple to manage and simply more stylish – it’s simplicity3.”

These MFPs are equipped with a range of features to ensure you can work more efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. A tiltable 4”, 5-line LCD control panel lets you easily view and control the various settings and options. Pop-up messages will also appear when you add various media to the bypass tray to help you quickly select paper type and size settings.

To save time and effort when you’re copying documents, they automatically rotate and sort multi-page documents into sets or let you copy the front and back of ID cards onto one page. Digitising and sharing information is also quick and simple, as you can scan and send documents in full colour.

Simple to manage

In addition, the MFPs are really easy to manage. You can check the machine and job status at a glance, even from a distance, thanks to the status indicator lamps. And they automatically enter an energy saving mode if they’ve been inactive for a while, so you save money.

Simply safer

Just because these MFPs are really simple to use, it doesn’t mean that your sensitive business information is at risk. Like all of our MFPs, they include a range of security features designed to protect your documents:

• User authentication prevents any unauthorised access by requiring a password to be entered

• Device authentication restricts access to devices whose IP/MAC address is pre-registered

• Advanced network encryption keeps your information secure across the network using IPsec and SSL protocols

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*1 Optional Fax module required – BP-FX10

*2 Optional Postscript required – MX-PK11

*3 Requires optional MX-EB18, Wireless LAN Adapter.