Super Sim Only Winter Offer

Super Sim Only Winter Offer

Brilliant ‘Super Sim Only’ deal just for business customers.


Our latest Sim Only deals are only available on the EE network for business customers. You’ll get all the good bits from being an EE customer like 5G, data caps, and pay less than you would for a standard plan!

  • Unlock a world of connectivity with EE Sim Only for Business
  • Empower your business with our latest Sim Only deals, exclusively for business customers.
  • Experience the power of 5G, enjoy generous data allowances, and save compared to standard plans.
  • Stay connected, stay productive, stay ahead with EE Sim Only for Business.


Optimize your business operations, enhance employee productivity, and stay connected wherever you go with Newman’s Sim Only for Business.

Newman’s expertise in business telecoms ensures you get the tailored solutions and support your business needs.

Contact us today to discover how Newman’s Sim Only for Business can empower your success.

These are a limited time offer only, so if you are looking to make a change to your business mobiles contact Fiona at Newman on 01892 664155 for more information.