The Big Return

The Big Return

The business landscape has changed quite dramatically over the last 24 months. The adoption of technology has skyrocketed at a phenomenal rate as  demand has increased. There has been a rapid increase in the use of communications platforms such as teams, zoom and go to meeting to name a few. What was at first a clunky way of working has now become the norm for many people not only in their working life but also in their home life. It has gone a long way towards bringing people closer together whilst remaining at home.


This change has brought its own set of challenges, employees have had to work differently, set up ‘home offices’, whilst remaining ‘in the business’, on brand message and keeping operations as seemingly smooth as if they were working within the business, maintaining business integrity and high levels of customer service.


At the beginning of the pandemic, getting the tools together to do this had, in some cases been hastily ‘thrown together’ working with own devices such as laptops, mobiles and home internet which aren’t necessarily set up for the rigors of the working environment, but people have adapted and overcome wherever possible.


As things are starting to return to ‘the new normal’ we have seen a rise in enquiries from businesses looking at their processes and procedures and finding ways in which they can streamline their operations, such a print and scanning processes for remote workers to  send documentation securely to the business network. Businesses are also looking to improve their communications by adopting (VoIP) Internet telephony solutions, so employees have their company phone set up from their computer, laptop, static handset or mobile so they need never miss a call, no matter their location in the world.


Over the course of the coming weeks, we will share a series of articles and top tips around ways in which you can streamline your business, integrate technology, secure your network and systems and ultimately make your business and the teams within it more effective.

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