The Impact of Imminent Budget Cuts to Schools

The Impact of Imminent Budget Cuts to Schools

At Newman we are well aware of the forthcoming cuts being made in education. We’re sure you are too.

Approximately 8% cut in funding * between now and 2019 will result in:-

  • Less teaching and support staff
  • Longer hours
  • Lower morale
  • Even tighter budgets than the already stretched resources
  • Higher work volumes
  • Less support for children with Special Educational Needs
  • Ailing IT systems that are not fit for purpose

The old adage ‘look after the pennies and you will save pounds’ rings very true today. Every little business managers and head teachers in their school can do to save money is vital.

But what if we could potentially save you thousands in an area that is often unchecked and not even recognised individually as a direct expenditure as it is frequently lumped in with other ‘sundries’?

Newman provide an in house print and document management solution that identifies print volumes to evaluate where savings and efficiencies can be made, to simultaneously ensure print quality and speedy production whilst saving money.

The technology used ensures continuity, reliability and proactive servicing to save your staff and IT department’s time and resources. We can take the strain out of your IT and print issues, assist with implementing streamlined processes with intuitive technology that reduces waste and admin time, enabling staff to work more effectively under the increasing budget and time constraints.

With print being the third largest expenditure for your school after salaries and building costs, Newman have successfully helped other schools to reduce costs, simplify and secure print processes and would happily discuss how we can assist your school.

Even just one headache off the list has to bring a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you would like to see if we can help please feel free to call us on 01892 664155 or email for an initial chat about making savings.

*source Guardian article