The Virtual Showroom

Newman Virtual Showroom

The Virtual Showroom

Introducing the Virtual Showroom Experience

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Newman have joined forces with leading manufacturer Sharp to put together the latest Virtual Showroom Experience. It by no means replaces the ‘hands-on touch & feel’ you get from a ‘live’ showroom but it gives you an immersive, interactive experience of how your new office tech could literally ‘look’ inside your office space!


Take a deep dive here into our Virtual Showroom


Newman QR Code for Sharp AR Product In Your SpaceYou can also check out how each piece of technology would look in your office space by following this QR code which will bring up the Augmented Reality link on your mobile phone, so you can simply select the product you want to look at, scan the place you want it to sit, and take a walk round the machine of your choice without even having to leave the office! Pretty cool stuff!


This tech doesn’t replace ‘in person’ demonstrations which are account managers are still very happy to provide but its a great first touch point to see what might work for your business. You account manager can also walk you through virtually should you like. Feel free to contact our team on 01892 664155 should you like any further information or assistance