6 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Office Printer

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Office Printer

If you are considering purchasing a new colour MFP for your office environment, choosing one that meets your immediate and future long-term needs is essential. Here we look at six key considerations before buying a Multi-Function Printer for your office.

The days of the office printer or copier being a standalone device are long behind us. Today, the MFP sits at the heart of the office, not only used for printing but also for the digital capture, retrieval and sharing of data.

Add to this, new features, such as mobility, enhanced security and an ever-increasing array of office workflows, and there is more to consider than simply choosing the most cost-effective, or fastest device.

1: Stand Out in Colour

Research carried out by the Loyola College, Maryland, USA discovered that colour can increase readers’ attention spans and recall by as much at 82 per cent. This is because colour helps to emphasis, identify and turn any message into a stronger message.

The Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs utilise an innovative Colour Consistency System that delivers high-quality colour output and helps maintain optimum image balance and density page-after-page.

2: Printing from Mobile Phone and Tablet

According to a recent IDC report, more than 35 per cent of mobile phone and tablet users would like to print from their devices but either can’t or don’t know how to.

Whether it is an email message, a PowerPoint slide or even a boarding pass, mobile users want to print. The Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs make it easy to embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the office by supporting popular mobile printing technologies at no extra cost.

3: Most Walk-Up MFP Users Only Know How to Use a Small Portion of Machine Features

The Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs are easy to use. The models in these series have been designed with an intuitive 10″ diagonal colour touchscreen that use tablet-style menu navigation, making it easy for even novice users to learn advanced features and setup jobs that deliver professional results.

4: Speeding Up Office Efficiency

It is believed that workgroup users can spend up to 50 hours per month waiting for the copier to warm up. This figure is based on based on typical warm-up time of 50-60ppm workgroup colour MFPs 2-4 years old running 15,000 pages per 21-day working month and average job size of 3 pages.

The Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs warm up in seconds and can help businesses cut that waiting time in half.

5: Many MFP Models Use Different Toner Cartridges, Requiring Businesses to Stock Several Types

The Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs all use one type of toner cartridge for each colour, minimising the need to stock many different types.

6: Improving Security Is The #1 Priority for Major Document Users

According to the InfoTrends ‘Office Document Technology Security Multi-Client Study & Scorecard’ report, improving security is the Number One priority for major document intensive vertical markets.

Randy Dazo, Group Director of InfoTrends’ Office Advisory Services, stated: “according to our survey, organizations were more likely to secure their PC environments 25 per cent to 100 per cent more than their counterpart print and MFP areas.”

To meet the needs of security within your organisation, the Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series MFPs include a standard security suite, which includes 256-bit data encryption, up to 10 times data override protection, as well as a convenient End-of-Lease feature that erases all business and personal information at the time of trade-in.

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