Why Change IT Supplier?

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Why Change IT Supplier?

Why Change IT Supplier?

Many organisations are reluctant to move from their current IT supplier being concerned about the interruption to business and the daunting challenges of a new way of working, even if it is to the detriment of your business operations to carry on as you are.

There can be several reasons why a company may choose to change  IT supplier. Here are a few possible reasons:

Cost: One of the most common reasons to change IT supplier is to save costs. If you find that your current supplier is too expensive, you might want to look for a new supplier that can offer comparable services at a lower cost.

Poor service: If you are experiencing frequent downtime or other service disruptions, you may decide to change your IT supplier. This could be due to a lack of expertise, slow response times, or other issues.

Changing business needs: As your business needs change, you may require different IT services than your current supplier can offer. For example, if your company is expanding into new markets, you may need a supplier that can offer international support.

Better technology: Your company may want to upgrade its technology infrastructure to stay competitive or improve operational efficiency. In this case, you may switch to a supplier that can offer better technology solutions.

Contract renewal: When a contract with an IT supplier is up for renewal, you may decide to explore other options to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

Why Change IT Supplier

Newman IT Support

Here at Newman, we do our homework with each of our clients by undertaking a full site survey, and equipment inventory, we dig deep to discover exactly how you currently use your business IT systems, and find ways in which we can help streamline and improve those processes.

We always aim for a smooth transition from your incumbent supplier to us, whilst also trying to reduce your expenditure where possible.

For over 30 years we have been supplying IT services to clients across the South East in a wide variety of industry sectors. Newman are Microsoft Cloud Partners, with industry-recognised qualifications and our in-house team successfully help clients streamline and secure their IT systems through the following:

• Expert assistance
• IT Audit
Office 365 Support
• Hybrid working
• Server Solutions
• Support for remote workers
Disaster Recovery
• Business Resilience
• Cloud Services
Cyber Security
• Cloud Security

Transition to the Cloud was starting to happen in many organisations before the pandemic,  however the transition rapidly increased during the pandemic, with many businesses choosing to ditch their inflexible on-premise servers often with a large capital expense, and looked for alternative ways that staff could continue to work with less financial burden, greater flexibility and reliability.

Many businesses are driven by their Line of Business applications, and many still require an on-premise server solution such as SOS and Tikit used by Solicitors and Sage Line 50/Payroll, and Iris used by Accountants, as well as many other specialist industry specific applications. In this situation, Newman can often enable Hybrid working where we have years of expertise and knowledge to support you in the future.

With Newmans’ proven track record you have the assurance of our technical skills, and our vast experience moving our clients to the Cloud, or managing their Hybrid solutions. You can benefit from easy access to our in-house Technical Support Team who are friendly and knowledgeable, and just a phone call or email away.

Are you yet to discover the benefits of working in the Cloud? Call us on 01892 664155 to find out how.