Why choose a colour printer?

Why choose a colour printer?

It’s a fact that in business we respond to colour documents faster. They’re more eye-catching, look more professional and enhance your corporate and sales image.
There has been much research into the importance of using colour in business documents, whether it is for presentations, reports, marketing materials, invoices etc.

Adding a little colour can have a huge impact.

  • Colour has been shown to increase reading speed by up to 70%
  • Readers pay attention for up to 82% longer when colour is used in a document
  • Readers can locate information up to 70% faster when it’s highlighted in colour
  • Colour increases the readers understanding of that information by as much as 73%.

Colour helps a reader recall what he or she has read.

  • Colour improves the reader’s ability to learn and remember information by more than 75%
  • The use of colour can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.

Colour captures the readers attention, quickly conveying relevant information.

  • Direct mail is up to 55% more likely to be opened if the envelope is printed in colour
  • Colour sells products and services as much as 85% more effectively than mono
  • Colour advertising campaigns achieve a 42% greater shift in awareness compared to predominately black and white campaigns.

The readers interest is retained and errors are reduced.

  • Colour can reduce errors by as much as 50%
  • Colour increases the motivation of the reader by up to 80%.

Up until now, colour printers have been inferior quality and expensive to run. However, advances in technology mean that you can now find goo quality colour printers which are affordable, both in terms of capital and running costs.

At Newman, we can help you to maximise your investment by advising you of the best colour printer for your business, one that will be flexible enough to adapt as your company grows and develops.
Inkjet or laser?
Inkjet printing is excellent for one off, occasional print usage. However, the costs rise rapidly when the volumes increase, and they can be slow to operate.

At Newman, we recommend laser and LED technology for higher volumes. Many machines offer low running costs on higher capital machines, capable of much higher monthly volumes and document finishing capabilities like duplexing, sorting, stapling, hole punching and folding – all at very high speed. These can also be shared by multiple users throughout your network. Imagine how much more productive you can be! You can also control access through PIN numbers and count prints/copies per person. For example, Sharp offers a secure Network Card that can stop unauthorised usage.
What about speed?
Many office colour printers can print in mono at a similar speed to mid volume mono products running between 25-40 pages per minute. However, to date, colour speeds have been slow – at around 12 pages per minute. This has prompted the demand for faster colour solutions.

As a result, new generation products have arrived, like those offered by Sharp which offer higher colour speeds – allowing your business to run colour at a similar level of productivity as your mono machine.
Introducing the Sharp MX Series
Sharp UK has been providing the office environment with quality devices for over 30 years. The MX Series compact multifunctional printers provide a good IT investment for your office. It allows you to improve your business productivity, share the capital investment over a controlled network and introduce lower colour and very competitive mono running costs.