Why Print Audit?

Why Print Audit?

Put your business costs into context. You have a business plan and a marketing plan but why would you not have a print strategy?

If you are looking to take a view of your whole business and all the costs of running your business then it is important to undertake a print audit to be able to implement a print strategy.

With a print audit you could get further insight into:

  • Total cost of ownership – lease, service, consumables, electrical, energy and paper costs
  • Document types – what is being printed and from what applications
  • User Understanding – Discover who is printing buy User, Department or even building
  • Change – if you change your print environment what impact would that have on your business?

What happens during a print audit?


Number of printers & Multifunctional devices
Where they are located in the office
Who uses what
Frequency of print jobs


Stakeholders – discuss what the current strategy is and what are the aims and objectives of the business
Users – undertake interviews and surveys to identify how users use the documents, how they interact with the files and how they feel the process could be improved


We will identify ways in which processes and workflows can be improved and find the best long term solution to suit your business needs.