Five-step guide: Data security

Five-step guide: Data security

You’re handling confidential client information every day. Combined with your company’s own data, you’re sitting on a goldmine. But how safe is it?

Could you do more to ensure that your assets are protected from cyber attacks, bugs and human error? A single breach of security could cause you to lose clients or damage your reputation forever.

Here are our five tips to take the hassle out of data security and avoid falling in to common traps:

1. Sometimes technology fails.

That’s life. Find an IT support service that suits you, but don’t get talked into an unwieldy contract – there are some very flexible options out there.

2. Busy? Aren’t we all?

But if that confidential document you forgot to collect from the printer gets lost, stolen or mixed up, the results could be disastrous. Secure printing software is designed to avoid data getting in to the wrong hands. Check it out.

3. Printers have long memories.

Look into using technology which automatically deletes unprinted documents. This saves printing costs (kinder on your budget) and reduces paper waste (kinder on the environment). If you dispose of printers, remember to erase data from the hard drive.

4. An easy win.

Make passwords more secure by using numbers, letters and symbols, especially those that provide access to customer data. Why not change them today?

5. Automate updates.

Automating security and software updates is a good starting point. It’s also one less thing for you to worry about. But check with your IT support provider that updates have no impact on the performance of your broadband.

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