Five-step guide: Document management

Five-step guide: Document management

Your company depends on paper documents such as case files, accounting documents, client records, invoices, legal documents, delivery notes and letters. But finding files and keeping them up to date can eat in to time that you could be spending more productively.

Let technology take the work off your hands. Electronic document management and data capture software lets you convert documents to a digital format and easily store, retrieve and share files. It is used by professionals worldwide to manage even the most sensitive data.

Just think: no more paper pushing.

Read our five easy steps to smarter document management for a more efficient office:

1. Managing paper documents is a pain, but, won’t digitising thousands of files take ages and cost a fortune?

No. The technology can scan hundreds of pages per minute, including allocation to the right folder. Once batch scanned, files take milliseconds to retrieve from any device. Think of the cost savings from paper and printing alone.

2. No need to waste time searching for lost or mislaid documents.

Automatic indexing using word or number recognition and searchable digital archives means you can spend time wisely and respond faster to client requests. Even when words within documents are incorrectly spelt or documents are poor quality.

3. Free up your time and your physical space.

Electronic scanning and storage systems take up no more room than the hard drive already in your computer or the cloud. So you can wave goodbye to clunky filing cabinets and cut off-site storage costs immediately.

4. It’s natural to be concerned about the security of your data – it’s a precious asset.

Electronic document management software has in-built encryption and options to grant access to authorised staff only, building a fortress around your data. And at the end of their lifecycle, digital documents can be deleted in just a few clicks. No more lost or misfiled documents.

5. Get business continuity across time zones.

If your business has offices across the world, check out the document management technology that lets you store, collaborate on and edit documents from any location. It’s more secure than online file sharing software.

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It’s not only paper-based files that you could manage more easily. Audio files, such as dictation notes and presentations, can be automatically uploaded to a chosen network location and retrieved within milliseconds. Check out Philips Speechlive dictation workflow.