Join the digital dictation revolution

Join the digital dictation revolution

For distance working, recording meetings and interviews or just to record your thoughts prior to writing a report, dictation equipment is an invaluable business tool.

With over 45 years experience in the sales, service and support of dictation equipment and systems, you can trust Newman to provide you with a dictation solution that delivers greater efficiency and productivity.

Whatever the size of your business, whatever your needs, we can offer you a full range of products from Philips. From initial consultation, through demonstration, implementation and management, we can ensure you get the best solution, from a single analogue or digital device through to network based workflow management systems.
The digital revolution
Digital dictation equipment can transform the way you communicate with your colleagues in other offices or countries. Small and light, the new devices enable you to send recorded voice communications, improving workflow and maintaining security and storage.

  • Fast – You can record digitally far quicker than you can write – then instantly download it for transcription anywhere in the world.
  • Productive – The electronic format means you will no longer mislay a recording or find that you can’t hear what’s being said.
  • Simple – All of the systems offer single-handed operation, plus the option of voice activation. For transcription, a foot control provides the user with hands free operation.
  • Efficient – Digital dictation allows speedy access to any point on the recording so you can delete speech and insert amendments with real accuracy. Sound quality is excellent and the recording can be slowed down or speeded up without distortion.
  • Reliable – Newman is a Philips Master Digital Centre providing full service, maintenance and repair.
  • Outsourcing – With the ease of sending digital files, many organisations are now making considerable savings by outsourcing their transcription.
  • Future proof – The equipment is designed to work with the latest workflow and speech recognition systems.

Join the digital revolution and transform the way you work.